A Good Place To Start With Your Diet

People wanting to lose weight commonly use low calorie diets and high volume exercise plans. This approach has become mainstream folklore even though it is unsustainable, ineffective and can be dangerous!

When it comes to dieting and exercising we have become accustomed to using the same card without considering individual needs.

Do you think your nutritional needs are the same as everyone else’s? The body is a complex machine dealing with a lot of variables that can change from morning to evening. For optimal health it is important to learn how to fine-tune your diet to what your body needs by listening to the signals it gives you. Your body never lies!

A good place to start is to pay attention to the ratio of protein and carbohydrates you eat and healthy fats. You should have all these types of food each mealtime or you risk problems with your blood sugar management and that’s where problems start. If you’re overweight and or hungry all the time then you will need to modify the ratio of these foods. Then you may need to look at the quantity of your food intake, too little or too much will set you back on your goals. Finally, the quality of the foods you eat will have a massive impact on your goals and health.

This is only a very brief outline where you should start. I’ve not gone into food intolerances or the difference between organic and processed foods. The key is to make a start on the fundamentals before trying to strive for perfection in the speed of light.

I will explain briefly in my next blog post the signals to look out for every day to make sure you are following the right eating guidelines for your body to get the results you want.